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AULT DESIGN - CONSTRUCTION offers architectural design and construction services that respond to each project’s individual requirements.

We take pride in our innate ability to help our clients visualize an inspired solution that best meets their needs. We believe that there is no better design solution than the one that not only completely satisfies the client but also responds aesthetically and responsibly to the surrounding environment.

Specializing in high-end custom remodels, AULT DESIGN - CONSTRUCTION is a full service design-build company. We work with the client from concept to completion. It is our duty to help our clients discover the hidden potential in their home.

Our team works closely with homeowners to ensure that their experience is one they will be talking about for years to come.

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EPA_LeadSafeCertFirm_logoEffective April, 2010 the Federal Government and EPA began requiring contractors, who will be doing remodeling work on homes built prior to 1978, to be certified Lead Paint Renovators. AULT DESIGN - CONSTRUCTION has received this certification.

If your home was built pre-1978 and the scope of work involves disturbing painted areas, there may be a presence of lead based paint. We will provide homeowners with a copy of the EPA brochure. Further information can be found by visiting the EPA website at www.epa.gov/lead/index.html